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Spider Woman of the Avengers Initiative by GeekTruth64 Spider Woman of the Avengers Initiative by GeekTruth64
Eliza Dushku is Jessica Drew/Spider Woman

This series is based on the idea of who could have been cast and what characters we might have seen in an alternate universe Avengers movie or what I suppose could happen in a future Avengers movie.

Possible Spiderwoman backstory?
Not much is known about how she got her powers or where they came from, but what is known is that she was brainwashed by Hydra. She worked for them for years, before Shield and Fury discovered who she was and went to great lengths to free her from their grasp. The secrets behind which are known only to Fury...

What kind of story could Spider Woman bring to an Avengers Film?
Similar to the story Black Widow brought to the first movie, but more fleshed out. Her loyalty isn't as easily gained by her teammates.

Why Eliza Dushku as Spider Woman?
Her role in the tv show Dollhouse "which was created by Joss Whedon" makes her a natural choice for Whedon. And her character Echo in some ways is like Jessica Drew. Her personality and memories were altered much like Echo.

Here is the Avengers Initiative gallery [link]
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this actually would work completely
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